Chris Albritton Construction’s dedication to excellence has spanned 30 years in the construction industry. It is our passion that we surround ourselves with talented individuals that are dedicated to excellence in all they do. It is our desire to seek and find individuals that would like to join our team and continue to build a company dedicated to our values and mission.

If you are interested in one of the positions below please send us your resume along with a letter of your qualification and experience.  Fax: 601-425-3974     Email:

Area Superintendent The Assistant/ Area Superintendent is usually required on larger projects. Most of the time, they will be put in charge of a specific geographic or craft phase of the project. They are limited to his or her assigned project, but the duties are much like that of the Project Superintendent.
Project Superintendent This position is held responsible for the daily activities of a project.  They are required to coordinate seamlessly with the Project Manager for project direction. Both of these positions will work together to create an end product that is much better as a collaboration than the individual efforts. Generally, the Project Manager will focus more on long-range planning and problem solving, so it will be easier for the Project Superintendent to concentrate on daily and short-range direction of the project.
Project Manager The Project Manager is responsible for an overall product. This position is to make sure the project stays within the budget, that they are right on the scheduled time, and the company’s quality standards are being met. They are the person to go to for any problems within the activity of the project. For instance, they have the responsibility of making sure action is initiated for achieving the above objectives. The duties of the Project Manager’s will also vary according to the Project Superintendent. They are always to insure the effectiveness of the Superintendent and the staff. They will focus on the long term planning of the project. They do this so that the Superintendent is able to focus on the daily needs and weekly direction of the company’s forces and coordination of subcontractors.
Sr. Project Manager They are to assist the VP of Operations to insure that project managers continue educating, develop adherence to corporate policies, and report to project requirements. They are responsible for the profitable execution of projects, including the on-time, quality control, and customer satisfaction. The Sr. Project Manager participates in work procurement and review prior to bid day.